Sorry, I have been MIA.

Im back making time to write again.I know I misspell words and have tons of grammatical errors but when inspired you just got to go with it. so todays thought.... Im noticing the less editing you do will turn out to be the best version of you. The philosophy, book and my blog is centered on what it means to "Drive Naked". Its a way of life being unedited and real with yourself and others and is not always pretty. You don't slam your thumb in a door and say, hmm i think that was a bad idea. No you say "fuck", that hurt. Just be real. SO many people get lost in faith bc of what ideals this world brings. Im just saying is allot of bs and faith should never be hard, painful, make you feel un loved or desired. God like many Parents is unconditional loVe.


So this inspired todays blog


There are many things we must unlearn in life, let go, heal, liberate and set free, allowing our greatest potential to grow. Spirtually, emotionally and physically. You knowing your self worth is more then what others think of you. Look in the mirror , inhale gratitude exhale gratitude with expectance.

You are No less then everything in the eyes of God. We will be forever learning, children, student of our faith. Thats called spiritual growth and just because you have a strong faith doesn't mean your just at the finish line, no its a constant relationship ,constant reflection the most intermit one of all. thats baring your should to the universe in which god created, transparent , authentic, and perfectly flawed. Thats Driving Naked with God "".


By growing and freeing yourselves from the things and people that bring you anything but love laughter or peace in CRITICAL to your health. Trust me this life is short and when you loose yourself, often times you find your self. I saw this image and thought; "you know the book "forgive to forget came to mind. when when you completely give yourself to God and hold yourself accountable you should feel safe that there should never be anything you can't take to God. Share those things you feel taped bc your not pressing the grief, loss, failure etc. But that is life and the only way healing takes place...remeber healing is not just a bloody cut healing is much more. we all need it from time to time.

I say this all the time. Be expectant of the holy spirit to move, heal and have a good day a work, even though its work. Try waking up and just smile for know reason. little good sparks turn on in the brain and even for a second makes you want to thank you for waking up and lets have a good day. COUNT how much less your days are that your depressed or mad at something or some for not going your way.what do you have to lose, try it God wants you to say,"listen I need....We are not meant to do this Life alone. So don't worry about carying the weight of something you can never share, free yourself . and true freedom is living without permission. So don't carry the extra baggage, keep it to a cary on and not a cargo plane . GC ©