Why Cry Over Spilled Juice? by Greg Costa ©

Why Cry Over Spilled Juice?

by Greg Costa


Today I headed to Walmart because I found out I could get a prescription there for four dollars which my insurance doesn't cover. On route I stopped at Nature's Food Patch, which is an organic grocery store, to pick up a juice. On my way out someone said something hysterical in the checkout lane. As I continued to walk outside I was still laughing, and then discovered, a few minutes later, that I was walking to the opposite end of the parking lot from where I had parked. Realizing that, I started to feel down, and said to myself, “gosh, it's happening again.” Well I found my car, and then someone said hello to me and asked me a question. With that distraction, I didn’t realize I had left my drink on the top of the car.


Which meant I watched my eight-dollar meal in a cup crash and splash all over the ground.


I went back inside and up to the manager’s counter. I said, “Hi, my name is Greg Costa, and I’m a traumatic brain injury survivor and sometimes we forget to do things. My mind was in a different place and I got lost in the parking lot and then I forgot to take my juice off the top of the car and it spilled everywhere.” He said, "No problem, I'll take care of it, and please come back and see me.”


I didn’t notice the scar on his face until later.


I went back to see him and he said, “Don't worry, it's all good. I'm a traumatic brain injury survivor myself.” He turned his head and showed me the entire line from the tip of his forehead to the back of his ear, where his skull had been opened up. 


It's amazing, empowering and healing when we, as survivors, just put it out there and create awareness by accepting our challenges, being honest, completely transparent and Naked, allowing humility and making the best of the situation at hand. 


He went on to say, “You know the manager of this store actually had an aneurysm and also suffered a brain injury.” How cool! I thought. God really knows when you don't have something, or you’re missing something, or you’re in need of something or someone on your journey, or in my case, lacking the support and understanding from my own blood family.


It’s just like God to send me down or up a path, or put people in my life exactly where and when I need them.


It’s just like God to open a door, welcome me in and remind me that I’m NOT ALONE.


I was so excited after this encounter that I had to tell my dad, and I never made it to Walmart. Oh well, another day, another adventure. Today I was glad to forget and be ok with that, instead of beating myself up for it.