Greg Costa

You hear the crescendo and then crash of cymbals, the spotlight fades, and passion succumbs to silence. The audience standing in hushed appreciation can no longer see the tattooed form, anointed in sweat, with a heart on fire and exposed to the world. What do you do when the performance is over?

Driven by this question, Greg Costa has pursued a successful journey through the insanity of the music industry, all the way to the edge. Growing up Catholic and Portuguese lent itself to a close family. In a Portuguese dance group, with his sister as his partner and learning the steps behind his father and mother, he quickly caught the performance bug. These moments with his family placed him on a path that would one day turn into him, into a passionate and skilled drummer. After honing his skills playing in the church praise band and his high school theatre department, he branched into rock ’n’ roll where, as a high school student, he began touring the southeastern United States. He moved to Nashville at age 22 and began showcasing, recording, and touring with various artists include bands such as Hand to Hand, 3 Doors Down, Harsh Krieger, Cake, Warren Barfield, Florez, Seven Mary Three, Dredg, Hat Trick Heroes, Silvertide, Liz Sharpe, Amy Gearheartz, Alabaster Box, and others.

Playing for other artists left him searching for his own voice as a performer, a writer, and as a person. Music had taken priority over the things he had treasured growing up: surfing, soccer, family, and faith. The climax came in the summer of 2007 when he chose to turn down a tour for the first time, and instead embarked on a mission trip to Honduras with his father. Once again, he discovered his gifts and passions through the moments with his family.As he and his father served, they kept a diary together, documenting their journey into the surrounding barrios, into a closer relationship, and into a deeper spirituality. As they recorded the experience, Greg’s gift of description and poetry moved from a hobby spawned by a high school English exercise to a centerpiece and focal point of their journaling. After returning, Greg gave his father, as a memento, the manuscript that would eventually become his first book, City of God-Honduras. So, the drummer’s heartbeat slows and the sticks drop to his side, forcing him to pick up a pen.

Greg Costa resides in the in-between of chaos and order, sin and salvation, joy and pain. He is a literary explorer of life, who stumbles across words and phrases. The depth of his faith is evident in every idiom. He writes with conviction and compassion, exhibiting the anguish and triumphs common to all humanity. You can hear it in his musing. In his desire and ability to question the tradition and the status quo, he remains reverent of his faith and respectful of not only his personal traditions, but also the traditions of others. Greg Costa is a poet much like David, honest, transparent, and flawed. He is seeking after the truth and face of God and composing what is akin to modern day Psalms.

As a speaker, he moves the room of any event he attends with his testimony of faith, his story of trial and tribulation, and is a true underdog hero. As a minister, it is hard not to feel the Holy Spirit when Greg speaks about life and the word of Christ. He strives to carry out his mission through the work and outreach benefiting the lives of those less fortunate, and those with physical and developmental disabilities. He is truly staring adversity in the face through his ministry, Mark of Christ.

What inspires him? What moves him? Without hesitation, he’d answer, "God, my mother and father, family and friends and the experiences we share. Without God and the love of these people, my life would be an indulgent fantasy and not the life I know. A good friend once said there is a difference between being active and being productive, a difference between living and just existing."