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The Shanty Towns are where we work. They are called "barrios marginales" here live the poorest people with dwellings made from plywood, metal, and even plastic sheets. This book follows the mission of a diverse group of teens and adults, from various Churches of Christ in Tampa, Bradenton, Winter Haven and Haines City Florida, eager to bring God's love and His Word to the people of Honduras. More specifically it gives a glimpse of two unlikely missionaries, father and son, working together, 12 days to change the world, to make a small difference. While reaching out to another human community, the treasure they find is a life that is forever inspired, and a relationship that is infused with compassion and faith.

City of God: Honduras
By Greg M. Costa
Driving Naked With God
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It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be a rockstar. Wouldn’t be rich and famous or live happily ever after. Why would it? I had looks, talent, a loving family that supported me, or so I thought and most important an unshakeable belief in God. I had a deep understanding that he had great things in store for me. I had a great life, no regrets except for the one that took my life. I had it all.
I don’t say these things out of ego, but from a place of humility, ashamed that My life, my family was taken from me. It happened so easily. I didn’t know and couldn’t possibly understand, that sometimes our gifts aren’t for us they are to be used in the service of our God through faith.

The truth can be ugly, mine is hideous, and I am going to be painfully honest because my personal heartache and tragedy were my real gifts. Those gifts would give me the strength I needed to spend my life in pursuit of Him, and the courage to let God take the wheel and drive. In my struggle He showed me my purpose, in finding my way back He taught me how to be a tour guide, leading others out of their own darkness and back to the light of His love.

Driving Naked is my life exposed and unedited. I'm taking you down my road less traveled, where I recognized and confronted myself. The story of how, with God’s Grace, The mission became the calling.