My brain injury occurred on March 3, 2010. I suffered a debilitating fall, sustaining severe traumatic brain injury , bruising to my brain, a concussion, severe whip lash to the neck and a dislocated shoulder, broken back which lead to a “Laminectomy” Surgery – Spinal fusion of L-3, 4 , 5. Four Rod's, six pins.

I was rendered unconscious, with severe memory loss for a short time after. I had a black eye and cut under my left eye from a "fall" down the stairs. I had bruises on my face that were "inconclusive" to just a "slip and fall". 

I was treated for head trauma at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN, and released 3 hours later, NOT being diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) nor did I know what it was until a year later when a neurologist within seconds diagnosed me. They found an arachnoid cyst , the size of a pancake draping over the lower left cerebellum. During the months that followed further medical evaluations confirmed short term memory damage, disabling migraines, and damage to cognitive brain function. I continue physical therapy, Cranial Sacral and Vacudermie therapy to decrease my physical, imitations, decrease my pain, and aid my post-traumatic stress.

In the beginning, I did not have those resources or the financial means to rebuild my life. Within 3 months, I lost it all.  My home to the Nashville flood, My career, my home, my family and almost my best friend and father whom had a stroke.  I literally had to start life over.  As a drummer and a writer, I had to re- teach myself to play music and to write, putting my thoughts to paper. I know everyone has a Voice Inside them and together we can all be the Voice For Brain Injury in our community. Now my focus is to guide others as advocate and make sure that the right questions are asked, we as patients/survivors are heard and the right care is administered.

I thoroughly understand that recovery is an ongoing process which I have learned to live with. I am a survivor celebrating my life and staying positive, knowing that I am not alone is a huge part of creating the "New Normal" and recovery. Handle with LoVe™ is a Brand and personal network that will be their for you and will provide you with the necessary resources to help guide, and support you in your recovery and journey. As a Mentor, I am here to serve you on a path thats tailored to your needs.