Driving Naked Manifesto

Driving Naked with God is a Driving Faith. A Transparent, Authentic way of life. We drive through our lives, the scenery unfolding around us, sometimes taking detours or exits, often times Broken Down and Lost. When we trust in God, we’ll always find ourselves back on the our path. Even through Hell and Back again, Trust meFrom anywhere, anytime for anyone. All you have to do is call for roadside assistance and God will Be there. 

It’s an invitation to get behind the wheel and keep moving forward. As you look in the rearview mirror, the layers, titles, Labels,Shame and Judgement of the world fall away. To God, You are no less then everything and all thats needed.  There is comfort and Healing, Gratitude and Favor. As we drive, the more we LET GO, the more Spiritually Aware we become, finding yourself in the passenger seat, because God has taken the wheel. It’s about being free,Letting Go and being truly Naked with God. All you have to do is get in, sit back, and enjoy the ride. After all, God is the best insurance Policy you’ll ever have. On this Journey called Life, you can be the scenery or you can live what is put in front of you and choose Faith, the rest are all just details That you should not bare the weight of. We were not intended to do this life alone but to come-in-union.

No Destination, Just Divine Intervention

So, How's your Driving?